8 Fun and Easy Ways to Get Grounded

If you’ve ever felt frantic, disorganized, furious, frightened, or spaced out, you need to get grounded. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, insecure, worried, sorrowful, or frustrated, you need to get grounded. In this article, I will show you a few simple ways to do this.

Everything is energy. You. Me. The breeze that cools our perspiration on a hot day. The money that pays our bills. The cushy recliner that supports our weary body at the end of the day. The electricity that lights our homes at night. It’s all energy.

Energy has a cause and effect influence on our world. The wind, for example, can increase the serotonin activity in our brain when it’s a gentle breeze, like what we create when riding a bicycle. Serotonin has been called the well-being neurotransmitter, or brain chemical. Increased serotonin activity in the brain leads to an increased sense of well-being.

On the other hand, when the wind significantly increases in magnitude, it creates positive ions in the air, making people tired and cranky like small children. If it lasts like this for too long, it can make people who are susceptible become suicidal. And if the wind grows even stronger, it can turn into a force of mass destruction, such as a hurricane or tornado.

And so it is with emotions. Sometimes they’re gentle, like the breeze from a bicycle ride. Sometimes they’re stronger, like the wind from a motorcycle ride. And sometimes they have the force of a hurricane.

If what we’re feeling is whipping us into a frenzy, we need to get grounded. Similarly, if what we’re feeling is draining our energy, we need to get grounded.

Just as the wind can wreak havoc on the land, emotions can wreak havoc on the body. We all know about the stress hormones, such as cortisol and norepinephrine, for instance, that are released during times of high emotion. Energy in the form of these stress hormones is helpful in a crisis, yet toxic when allowed to accumulate and take up long-term residence in the body, like a strong wind that doesn’t let up. And we all know the devastating effects these toxins can have (e.g., cancer, heart disease) when they are experienced by the body for long periods of time.

It makes sense, then, to ground that excess energy before it can cause us harm. There exist many ways to do this, and you’re probably already doing several. Here are eight ideas you may or may not have tried.

1.) Touch the ground. Do some gardening, sit or walk barefoot on the grass, or lie on the beach.

2.) Sit or stand with your back against a tree. Pretend the tree is absorbing your excess energy and sending it down through its roots to disappear harmlessly into the ground.

3.) Breathe from your heart. Go Sci-Fi here and pretend that your nostrils are in the area of your heart instead of on your face. Pretend you’re breathing directly into your heart while thinking of something that makes you feel really good.

4.) Drink some water or eat something healthy (especially if you’re the type who forgets to eat when you’re busy or stressed out.)

5.) Get physical. Get out of your head and into your body for a few minutes. Walk. Dance. Do some gentle stretching. Hit the gym.

6.) Pet your cat. Or play with your dog. Or curry your horse. Or go to the humane shelter and give some love to the unwanted, unloved, discarded animals there. Animals have a wonderful capacity to ground our excess energy.

7.) Have sex. Release that excess energy and increase those endorphins that make you feel good again.

8.) Hold or wear a stone. Try green fluorite, hematite, or obsidian.

Try aiming for a bicycle breeze as you go throughout your day. For variety, intersperse it with periods of complete calm and periods of motorcycle breezes. But if you notice that you’re feeling drained, scattered, or volatile, that’s your cue to stop and get grounded.

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