Do You Have A Dream?

Do our pasts dictate that we must remain who or what we have been? Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your life? Can you imagine the effort it takes for an attorney to become a florist, a house wife to decide to become a veterinarian, or an ex-addict to lecture and help kids stay off drugs?

When you envision yourself in a different role, do you implode cringing in fear? The following tips may help you make that important first leap into the unknown, avoid the embarrassment of failure, and reduce the hooting jeers of friends and family.


Do you have a specific dream? Without a dream to carry you over the rough times, it is hard to be successful at changing your life for the better. Can you describe what your day would be like if you achieve your goal?


Cut out photos that represent your goal and put them in highly visible places. If you can see it, your brain will help you find the way there. Limit your goals in number because a goal requires 100% effort and can not afford to be diluted by having too many conflicting goals at once.


The greatest resistance to your new you will come from people who care the most. They do not want to lose you and will try to keep the status quo. Put their loving critical voices on mute.


What if you started today to just call yourself the title that goes along with your dream. Today you are on your way to becoming the next president of the United States, the fastest man over eighty or the youngest graduate of college. No one can say you are not.


If you really are on your way, what would be the first little step you could take? Maybe you buy a notebook, or a pair of walking shoes. Maybe you have tea, instead of a latte. Maybe you take one class on the Internet toward a new degree. What is the next choice of a winner?


Keep a list in your pocket or purse. On one side put your blessings and make a check mark every day that you can on all that is positive in your day right now. Your family is healthy. The sun is shining. You exercised today. On the other side, list your challenges. Write down the roadblocks that must be traversed and overcome to move you forward toward your goal. Next to each challenge, create a baby step that might resolve or shrink the challenge.


Take time to feel each mini success. Let yourself smile, get chills of excitement, or dance a jig. If you wait for the resolution of the goal to feel good, you may run out of steam and quit.

So from this point on, I am on my way to becoming the new face of Dior Face Care, with a best selling book and a mega web site. What the heck..dream big! So what about you? What is your secret goal and your first step to having what you want?

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