The Power of Group Energy Work

Most people that seek a therapist think about doing individual counseling sessions. They are safe, individualized and allow you to focus on your specific concerns. Group therapy is an alternative way to work with a therapist. Group therapy, like individual therapy, is a dynamic therapeutic environment for personal growth.

Group therapy is a powerful venue for change. People benefit from being part of a supportive group that is facing similar issues. Groups provide the opportunity to gain alternative points of view, ideas and feedback on the issues you present. Group dynamics allow you to explore and better understand yourself and how others perceive you.

In a group, you have the benefit of being in a dynamic, supportive environment. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique will increase the effectiveness of the group. Even if you choose not to disclose your issue, you will have relief from them through the process of Borrowing Benefits. During the group, EFT will be used to address all issues. We will tap as a group on the issues that are presented. At times you might be tapping for someone else; however, you are aware of what you need to address. This is a very effective process for each person in the group to experience relief and healing at the same time. The group tapping will help to resolve your issues, although the focus might be on another individual.

After being in the group, you might find that you have more in common than you realized. So often, people feel that their concerns are unique. There is comfort knowing that others have similar concerns. Being able to receive feedback in a supportive way and having your perspective validated is an important part of the group dynamic. Often other group members will address issues that might be similar to your experience. While tapping as a group on that issue, you will most likely find relief for your issue as well.

I have found group therapy to be more effective and to produce quicker results than individual counseling. The group has the ability to become a mastermind where you benefit from each persons perspective and to work through issues with other people that have similar concerns. The group dynamic provides more wisdom and insight than in an individual counseling session due to each group member bringing their unique perspective to the group.

Come join the group for a time of healing. Bring one or two issues to the group that you want to focus on. We will tap together for each person to increase the effectiveness of the tapping. Being able to Borrow Benefits will allow you to benefit from all issues that are presented during the group session. You will experience progress on your own issues from tapping on another person’s issue, even if you don’t have that issue in common. If you do share the same issue, you will get even more benefits.

You will be amazed at the progress you make in a single session. You can come as often as you want. Come and experience the benefits of tapping in a group. You will leave feeling energized and empowered from the experience of group tapping.

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