Be of Good Mind, Speech and Action!

I sat with my questions and feedback sheet waiting on the next candidate to come through the door! Having read her application from cover to cover several times I felt hopeful that this candidate could pull a rabbit out of the hat and surprise the panel with awesome answers. She was number ten out of twelve interview candidates and this was the second day dragging past as I and the panel were losing motivation. Kirsty entered the room with a beaming smile and energy that made me want to hear what she had to say. Her neat appearance matched her actions as she meekly took a seat in front of the panel. It only takes 30 seconds to make an initial impression upon entry so she made a good one. I always say to my coaching clients not to over do it with handshakes or bouncing salutations around the room. Kirsty was impressing me already and I wanted to hear what she had to say… she had my attention!

Kirsty smiled as she took her seat and neatly fixed her skirt under her legs. She clasped her hands to rest them on her knees. Instead of crossing her legs she crossed her ankles which stemmed the desire to nervously shake the leg on top and irritate the panel. She wasn’t very tall but her head held high and body posture made her look confident as she prepared to listen for the first question. As the panel introduced themselves she nodded slightly in acknowledgement as her eyes followed each introduction. Throughout the interview Kirsty demonstrated her preparation skills by giving strong examples to each question, researching the organisation and understanding herself, her skills and competencies. An all round excellent example of someone who interviewed well because she did the work, she wanted the job and was able to apply all her knowledge, skill and expertise to responding to the questions.

I asked to meet Kirsty once she had been appointed to the job to give her feedback on her interview and for my own research. In short Kirsty told me she didnt need to know what the questions were to prepare for the interview. All she had to do was know herself, her competencies, skills, she had to understood the ethos ‘to be of Good Mind, Speech and Action’ to achieve her goal and deliver at interview.

Kirsty got the job and so can you if you believe!

What Kirsty had done was confirm that my personal approach in coaching clients to prepare for interviews, public speaking and other anxious situations works despite not having coached her but she ticked all my boxes.

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